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Latest Edition: October 2018

Strange times up here to be sure. It started raining in August and didn’t stop for 6 weeks. In one particular 24 hour period we had 13” or more of rain in the Madison area. Streets and drainage areas became rushing rivers FEET deep, and people, blissfully unaware as always plowed right in to them. In 2 areas near here there were over 20 abandoned cars just floating around as natural as you please. For a brief time we became the Northern Tropical Latitudes. Hundreds of businesses and homes were flooded, many a complete loss. Our house is on a rise, and I had pressure sealed the basement some years ago so all we got was some leakage where the wall joins the floor. Nothing the shop vac couldn’t handle. Then just the other week we started a morning with rain, then snow, then sleet, then lots of snow, followed by fog. I thought “ Well crap, all we need now is a tornado.”

That’s about the time we picked up the new Highlander. Talk about tech overdose, this thing has sensors and cameras that give the vehicle a 360 degree defensive view and warning systems that would make an A-7 blush. The one app I can’t seem to locate is the scan and track targeting system and Phaser lock. Oh well, maybe next iteration. Needless to say I turned almost all of that crap OFF. I grew up on 4-speed manual transmissions with NO power steering and drum brakes, so an old “stick and rudder” man from an early age. My first car was a rag-top ‘67 Mustang, and my 2nd a ‘65 Malibu Chevelle Super Sport with 396 ci and Muncie 4-speed. It wasn’t long before I had my license yanked for multiple speed infractions on the Grapevine. Hey, I was 20.

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