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55th Anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident Commemoration

The Commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident will take place September 17, 2019 at NAS Lemoore (NASL), CA. The official event will commence at 1330 at the base theater followed by a reception at the Oasis (former O’Club) around 1500. In attendance as honorees will be Capt John Nicholson, CDR Everett Alvarez, Jr. and CDR Ron Boch of VA-144 who all flew together the night of August 4th off USS Constellation, CV-64, in what became the Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

The leadership team at NASL is very supportive and excited about this event and extends the formal invitation link attached below. If you plan on attending you must RSVP via the link at the bottom of the invitation so the NAS Lemoore folks can create an official list for entry on the base. Please try to respond by Friday August 16th.

Click on the link below for your einvitation.



LT Ron Boch, LTJG Everett Alvarez, Jr. and LCDR John Nicholson headed to the flightdeck night of Aug 4, 1964

Latest Edition: Summer 2019

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and I learned something new this
month. Computer technology took a great leap forward in the mid-60’s with the integrated
circuit (IC) board and the Display Keyboard (DSKY). The theory of DSKY was simple: enter
Verb and a 2-digit code to tell the computer what to do and Noun and a 2-digit code to tell it
where to do it. Enter P and a code and it would run a preloaded program. It could and did
display warning codes and handled all the intricate guidance operations, all with only 1.024
MHz of processing power (The iPhone 7 runs at 2.23 GHz). This technology became known as
software-enabled digital fly-by-wire and guess what, we used it on the A-7 and you’re still using
it today. The big difference is that instead of using IC boards we’re using IC chips. There were
a lot of other practical applications that came out of the space program, with Velcro probably
being the most well-known but there is no doubt that the great race to the moon advanced
man’s knowledge of science across a wide range of disciplines. It was a long journey fraught
with peril and death for both America and the Soviets and those continued right through the
Shuttle Program. Machines can only do so much in space, and the farther away they are the longer it takes to communicate with them. Only man can act on the spot and avert an imminent disaster whether in space or flying advanced combat aircraft over some God-forsaken desert.

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