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Gulf of Tonkin Incident Reunion

Fist of the Fleet Association was proud to sponsor the reunion of three former VA-144 naval aviators who last flew together on August 4 & 5, 1964 from USS Constellation, CV-64 in the Gulf of Tonkin. The event took place at NAS Lemoore, CA on September 16 & 17, 2019 and was hosted by the Commanding Officer, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific and NAS Lemoore. The reunion was very memorable for all who attended and especially for the three honorees Capt John “Nick” Nicholson, CDR Everett Alvarez, Jr. and CDR Ron Boch.

LT Ron Boch, LTJG Everett Alvarez, Jr. and LCDR John “Nick” Nicholson 8/4/1964

Everett, “Nick” and Ron 9/16/2019 NASL

Latest Edition: Winter 2021

Let’s start the New Year off with a bang, shall we? I had intended that this would be my last year as the editor of the Newsletter………pregnant pause while that seeps in………….I still have one more bit of Fistory to cover and at the conclusion of that I shall retire as editor, so plan on the December 2022 issue as my absolute last and final edition. What does that mean for the immediate future? It means someone should think of stepping up now and start making their plans on what the Newsletter will be under their watch. It takes hours, days, or months to do research to put together historical stories, and days reading articles and deciding which is relevant to present in this periodical; so the new editor should be someone who enjoys “looking stuff up”. When the time comes I will send you a flash drive with all my pic and doc files, including all the Newsletters from my first in August of 2010. Sign up ASAP for the daily news feed from USNI.org, I have found it to be a real treasure trove of useful material. The Newsletter is created with Serif PagePlus X9 however Serif was purchased by Affinity and the product was discontinued so you will need to look for an alternate desktop publishing software. I cannot stress enough being totally prepared for this by at least three months prior to your first issue. In the summer of next year Michelle and I are bailing out of Wisconsin and going back to rural America where we can live underground, sorry, the modern term is “off the grid”, but for now status quo.

When I first told Bob Kison in 2010 I could do a Newsletter I had already spent a great deal of thought about it for several months prior to that phone call. Most, if not all of us, receive magazines, other periodicals and web feeds from a host of sources dealing with a great many things. However, these each tend to deal with only one, or at best two aspects of a particular subject and often leave you looking for more. It’s the old “For further reading on this subject……….”. So I asked myself “what do I want to see?”, thinking that if something was relevant to me it would be worth discussing in detail for others. So I began by pouring over squadron records and outlining stories. Everything that I have done these ten years was outlined in that autumn and winter of 2010-2011. I created a master plan, and I stuck to it. At that point it was only necessary to dive deeply into the details and fall back on Creative Writing 101 and ask who, what, when, where, how and why. For every who there was a who else? For every what a what else and so on until I had amassed enough detail in advance. As soon as an issue was published I jumped into the next one and got as much done as possible right away; then I could kick back for six to eight weeks.

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