Latest Edition: Summer 2017

I have a problem; I don’t believe in coincidence. You know, seemingly unrelated events coming together for an unexpected outcome. The current Fistory series was conceived over fours years ago, and outlined three years ago, long before all of these missile tests and the superheated rhetoric began. The situation is so convoluted that even the intel is conflicting. A year ago they were five years away. A month ago they didn’t have a viable warhead. The other day they could hit CONUS.

The mess that became a divided Korea was not actually the fault of the United States acting alone, it’s roots lie in the Moscow Conference of 1945 and everybody had a hand in it, everybody that is except the Korean people. There’s not enough space to go through it all. Act I: Kim il Sung was educated in China (barely) installed and armed by the Soviets, got a half- assed promise from Mao and invaded the South. Act II MacArthur. Act III: The Chinese. Act IV: Stalemate and Truce. And now here we are 64 years later and everyone wants to stare down their gunsights and keep their fingers on the buttons. We don’t want this mess, neither does China or Russia. Only a pudgy little dictator with delusions of grandeur and godhead wants it. And the only reason it’s us is because losers like him need somebody to hate to stay in power. Without us, he’s nothing, just another third-world warlord. So come on, we’re all tired of this game. There’s only one question left. Come on fat boy, wanna dance?

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