About Our Grants

Our Educational Grant Program seeks to collect donations that are then granted to enlisted members of VFA-25 to cover the cost of educational materials needed for completion of college level courses. A minimum completion grade of C is required. To date we have issued over $25,000 in Educational Grants and the program is strongly supported by all Commanding Officers. Enlisted members of VFA-25 may download the Educational Grant application by selecting the Apply Now button below and submitting the completed application to the Admin Department.

Our Grant Program has expanded further to include annual grants for exemplary service to Strike Fighter Squadron Twenty-Five by a selected enlisted member as Sailor of the Year (SOY). Additionally, a junior officer recognized for his/her aviation and leadership excellence is granted the LTJG Harry D. Jones Memorial Award for Excellence. Both grants are $500 and further explained below on this page.


Educational Grant

$ 20.00 Minimum

Association Fund

$ 20.00 Minimum

Legacy Plaque Fund

$ 20.00 Minimum

Sailor of the Year Award

$ 20.00 Minimum

Harry Jones Grant

$ 20.00 Minimum

2014 Scholarship Applicants

Manual Rodriguez $252.00

Toby Smith  $480.00

The Fist of the Fleet Association established the LTJG Harry D. Jones Memorial Award for Excellence to commemorate the service and sacrifice of Harry and his shipmates who were attached to VT-17 during World War II. The award is granted annually to a Junior Officer currently serving with VFA-25 and selected by the squadron leadership based on the following criteria:

  • Spirit of Attack
  • Leadership qualities / Division Officer accomplishments
  • Strike Fighter Weapons and Tactics syllabus progression
  • Carrier Landing performance
  • Collateral Duty execution
  • Physical Fitness testing score

The award consists of an individual plaque and a grant of $500.00 to the selected Junior Officer. A perpetual plaque was presented to VFA-25 and is updated each year with the name of that year’s recipient.  In addition the membership voted to bestow a complimentary Life Membership in FOFA to each recipient. Donations from the membership and any interested parties support this annual award.

It is the Association’s intent to both recognize and encourage superior performance of the VFA-25 Junior Officers and memorialize the service of our earliest shipmates from VT-17. Squadron officers up to and including the rank of Lieutenant will be eligible for consideration each year.

Recipients of the Harry Jones Award
  • 2013 LT Andy Peterson, USN
  • 2014 LT Dan Owens, USN
  • 2015 LT Mark A. Lovrencevic, USN
  • 2016 LT Justin L. Reece, USN
  • 2017 LT Stephen Yoo, USN
  • 2018 LT Alexander Degelder, USN
  • 2019 LT Gerald Anderson, USN
  • 2020 LT Wes Perkins, USN
  • 2021 LT Chris Honeycutt, USN

The Sailor of the Year Grant was established by the Association to recognize and honor an enlisted member of Strike Fighter Squadron Twenty-Five (VFA-25) selected by the squadron leadership for his/her exemplary service while attached to VFA-25. Outstanding leadership and superior performance of duties by enlisted personnel are vital to the successful accomplishment of the squadron’s mission. The Association is hopeful this award will help instill the desire of our active duty shipmates to excel in the many dangerous but necessary duties that face them as they serve with VFA-25.

This award will be presented annually and will consist of a $500.00 grant and certificate as well as a complimentary Life Membership in Fist of the Fleet Association. Donations from the membership will be collected to support this worthy program.

2016 SOY PO1 Brandon J. Stevenson

2017 SOY LS1 Oluwadammilare Ogunlade

2018 SOY AE1 Erin Daymon

2020 SOY YN1 Clarrisa Avila

Additional recipients not pictured here.

2015 SOY AM1 (AW) Garrett B. Roberts
2019 SOY AZ1 (AW) Tyler Newell
2021 SOY AT1 Brandon Clyde
2022 SOY AD1 Jemario Williams