Fist 23 at the Holiday Inn Resort on Pensacola Beach was a very successful event. We had a great turnout of 84 attendees who enjoyed the camaraderie and sea stories along with the Blue Angels Homecoming airshow and a visit to the National Naval Aviation Museum. At the museum we paid homage to four Fist Naval Aviators who are enshrined on the Legacy Wall and enjoyed a presentation by Zip Rausa’s son Zeno regarding his father and his own experiences as Commanding Officer of VFA-97 over Iraq and Afghanistan. We were fortunate to be visited by several former shipmates from the VF now VFA-154 Black Knights and renew old friendships and sea stories. On Saturday evening the group enjoyed a delicious buffet and entertaining presentation by our own Captain Greg “Rugdance” Wooldridge regarding his three tours as leader of the Blue Angels. It was wonderful to commune with old friends and meet several new acquaintances from the VFA-25 F/A-18 Hornet community who carry on the great traditions of the Fist of the Fleet.

Enjoy the slide show below from earlier Fist events and the following photos from Fist ’23.