Our Memberships

Memberships in the Association consist of individuals who, during their active military service in the United States Navy, were members of, or temporarily attached to, Squadrons VT-17, VA-6B, VA-65, VA-25 or VFA-25 or members of his/her extended family. For others who wish to sponsor or contribute donations are always welcome and are tax-deductible. Donations may be restricted for a specific purpose; i.e., grant awards, operating expenses, etc., Thank you for your support.


Honorary Member

Wives and children of Associate Members and others designated by the Board of Directors are non-voting Honorary Members.

Associate Member

All persons in the lineage of the VFA-25 squadron are non-voting Associate Members.

Voting Member

Dues are $200.00 for a lifetime membership or $25.00 paid annually on January 1st of each year.

Annual Member

$ 25.00

Per Year

Lifetime Member

$ 200.00

One-Time Fee

For those who prefer to pay by check, an application form in PDF format can be printed by clicking HERE.