Our Mission

To perpetuate the history of Naval Aviation Squadrons VT-17, VA-6B, VA-65, VA-25 and VFA-25, 
To remember deceased veterans and comfort their survivors, 
Conduct charitable and educational programs, 
Foster and participate in activities of patriotic nature, 
Assist current active squadron members, and 
Provide assistance to family members in time of emergency.


Our Story

SCOTT SMITH, Commander USN (ret) has, over the years, compiled an in-depth history of the Squadron starting with VT-17 and continuing through the years.  The site is being updated annually, so take a look even if you’ve visited previously.

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The Crest

The squadron’s crest design has changed several times over the years. Stars have been added to represent each of the conflicts in which the squadron has been involved. The squadron has served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the continuing Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts.